That’ll explain it

All right. So here’s the dealio:

1. Yes, Tim and I plan to spend a couple of years living the RV lifestyle in the get-up we just bought.

2. No, we are not abandoning Dane. We will stay here in SA through June for his graduation, then get him settled wherever he’s going next.

3. Yes, we will be selling this house, ourselves, probably sometime in the spring. But the timeline is flexible now that we’ve got alternate living arrangements that can be parked somewhere in the school district for the duration. Just… give us time to clean the place up and get it ready.

4. No, we do not have a specific itinerary. Our plan is to use our mobility to figure out where we want to live when we grow up. A few weeks here, a few weeks there, getting a feel for where we might want to stay. We’ll honk when we’re in your driveway, mmmmkay?

5. No, it’s not forever. We’re thinking we’ll spend a year or two at it, then go back to living in something that doesn’t roll. But it’ll be small, and not in suburbia.

6. No, we’re not getting rid of everything, just a lot of it. We’ll put all the stuff we truly want to keep in storage here in SA. Some items will go with us in the rig, and the rest will gradually be sold off or donated. First yard sale is 10/25, and there’ll be lots of craigslisting too.

7. Yes, Lola will be coming with us. She is an excellent traveler.

8. Yes, we’re both excited! Our guiding principles: Life is short. Own less. Do more.

Any questions?

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