The first clue

Today, I get an A+ in purging!

No, not that kind. Ew. The only thing that barfed is my dresser, which was the next pit stop along my Path to Lightness and Bliss through Deaccession. (OK, so we’re just getting ready for the community-wide yard sale next month, which is in turn part of our plan for radical downsizing by about this time next year. But still, having less and doing more is a goal that makes me darn near loop-de-loop skyward right here from my own living room.)

Anyway, one of my dresser drawers yielded what can best be described as “Eight Must-Have Foundation Items for A Young Lady’s Business Wardrobe”: half-slips in white, black, and ivory, two pairs of thigh-high ivory stockings, two pairs of black tights, and one set of knee-highs.

Um. Pretty sure I haven’t worn any of those things since I was a young lady, as last time I worked a 9-5 sort of job, it was a whole. nother. century.

Off they go to the ever-growing yard sale stack!

Tomorrow: my side of the bedroom closet.

<skips happily away in search of more bags and boxes>