Maybe we oughta measure this thing

Today’s lessons and accomplishments in RV life:

1. I did not forget a single ingredient for the dressing or the cranberries, and both are prepped and ready for tomorrow!

2. We’ve gottagotaLowe’s today, again, which regrettably confirms my fear that not owning a house will not reduce our trips there. At all.

3. The dudes are outside, using a proper tape measure to determine the RV’s height. Our previous method involved shouting, “Made it!” as we cleared underpasses, the lowest of which so far has been 13’7″.

4. This top is too short to be worn with leggings, ever, even in Nobodyknowsus, Oklahoma. I may be camping, but I’ve got my standards — and a full-length mirror. Let us all give thanks.

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