It gets a little low tech in here

So our bathroom is  <<this>>  wide. (That’s 5’4″ me stretching my arms out and touching the walls. Both directions.)

In this comparatively teensy space is a toilet, a shower stall, and a sink/vanity combo. And yet there are two access doors and two light switches.

I know.

The light switch above the toilet is labeled thus:

The other one says LAV.

I… I think that’s just wrong.

As for knowing when the shitter’s full, we have this handy dandy supremely low-tech control panel to tell us:

Technology: retro Star Trek
Technology: retro Star Trek

It’s not always accurate because things get, uh, stuck along the insides of the tanks where the sensors are, so we prefer to go with a weekly dump schedule, just to keep things more… pleasant.


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