Rolling in one home… to another

Today we roll from an overnight pit stop in Greensboro, NC, to Norfolk, VA — a place we called home for 6 years, from 2004-2010. In fact, we still own the house we called home there, and we’ll be checking in with our tenants and doing some maintenance work while we’re in town this month.

The recent heavy rains did not flood the basement (this time), but the master bathroom took on a fair amount of water through a leaky ceiling. Classic bad timing: roof replacement, which we’d scheduled because of that leak (not the first, but merely the latest in our 103-year-old house) started just before the rains hit, and had to be abandoned because of them. Whee.

Shit like this is but one of many reasons I truly dislike home ownership. We’d really like to get down to just. one. home.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.33.00 AM
This may not be our actual route, because we use a super-duper “You are a big ol’ thing” GPS doohickie, which helps us avoid tiny roads, one-lane bridges, and low clearances. And that’s a very good thing.
I know. Wrong season. Sometimes you get the photo I find, not the photo I want.

One thought on “Rolling in one home… to another

  1. Trying to get down to one house myself. I hold my breath during every one of these storms on behalf of the Hatteras Island house. Between sharks this summer and storms, selling is a challenge.

    Safe travels. The waters are going back from whence they came in anticipation of your arrival in the Mermaid City.

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