We clean up good

This evening we are dressed up all nice, and we’re gettin’ our arts on by taking in a chamber music concert at the historic Paramount, which opened in 1931.

Attending this performance lines right up with two of our primary traveling tenets, which tend to go hand-in-hand:

1. Support the local economy, and

2. See the sights and do the things that are unique to the area.

And since the final goal of this OwnLessDoMore adventure is to find our home, following these guidelines helps us get to know each area — and its people — a little better than shopping only at the Big Box and eating only at the Big Chain.

And hey, it’s kind of nice to wear something other than hiking boots. Also, we smell better.


photo from theparamountcenter.com


2 thoughts on “We clean up good

  1. Darling Emily,
    I commend you for your diligence in capturing all you and Tim have seen while touring the Bristol area. The photos of all the mountainous scenery are so good and the action shot of the ponies was a special touch.

    I was thrilled to see pictures of the Paramount. Did you like it? I have not been there for some time. The last time was to the ballet, “The Nutcracker”. Once upon a time, when it was a movie theater, I and another mother drove to Bristol with our children to see the newly released “Sound of Music”. I don’t know why we didn’t wait to see it in Grundy.

    I feel sad that you will be leaving soon. Seems like we should have gotten together again. Take care dear Emily and “happy trails to you”. With love, Aunt Ramona

    1. It was a lovely experience! Very grand decor inside, but small enough to feel like a private show. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know this area that holds so much history for our family.

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