Home is where your parents are

Our Longhorn has come home from UT for the weekend. Here in the RV, some things are a little different than perhaps we’d all expected. To wit, he gets the couch instead of his old bedroom, and he doesn’t bring home his laundry because he’s got a washer and dryer in his apartment. We parents are the ones schlepping our stinkies to the laundromat every week.
But other things are quite similar to the traditional image of having a child home from college:
  • We let him sleep in.
  • He does his homework at the kitchen table (which is also the dining room table, ironing area, and surface-for-things-that-need-to-be-carried-out-or-in).
  • We took him shopping.
  • We fed him. A lot.
  • And we’re sending him back with even more food, to include a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars, a dozen homemade rolls, and a gallon of our family famous dutch oven chili.
That oughta last the boy until… tomorrow.
And now he can tell his roommates that he stayed in his parents’ food truck for the weekend.

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