What we need here is a rodeo clown. And a zamboni. And maybe a flock of pigeons.

I haven’t posted anything since what? Monday? Even on Facebook, I’ve been quiet.
Because life has been boring.
Filled to bursting with ennui. 
The stuff that’s broken on the RV has stayed broken, and the dog’s given me nothing. Nothing I tell you!
We did hire a new realtor to sell the house, so there’s that. 
And yesterday, I watched 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls, and took the ugly valance off one of the bedroom windows to see if going naked was perhaps a better option. 
It was not. 
Some of us just can’t get away with that. 
But bonus: putting the valance back on killed another 15 minutes.
Do we need to get rolling? Hell. Yeah.
But Thanksgiving is nigh, and Family is near, and Mom’s got the bird, and all three of those things are Highly Important and Valuable. So it’s over the bypass and through the subdivisions, to grandmother’s house we go!
On Black Friday, we avoid shopping centers and prep for departure. And on Saturday — a mere week from today, which I can handle — we roll
It’s gonna be a loooong trip this time, both in distance and duration, but I’m saving the details for a future post. Because unless one of us falls off the roof of this thing while doing gutter repairs this weekend (don’t ask), I’ve otherwise got squat nothin’.
Instead, I leave you with this FB flashback to 2011, which still applies to any and all of our road trips.
Option 3. One of these days, that's totally gonna happen.
Option 3. One of these days, that’s totally gonna happen.

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