Befores and Afters: House 2 is ready to sell, and we are ready to roll!

I wasn’t going to put all our home improvement photos on the blog because they don’t have anything to do with RV travel or living. But…

  1. I’m stinkin’ proud of what we did, even though I whined nearly constantly about having to do it, and
  2. It’s all part of Owning Less. Once this house is sold, we will own no property other than what we’re rolling around in, and both the BFT and The Toad are paid for.

(Confused about why we’re selling another house? That story is here, with a little more here, plus some NSFW ranting about it here.)

It took us

  • 7 weeks (out of a planned 4, and a hopeful 2)
  • more than 60 trips to big box and locally-owned home improvement/hardware stores
  • help from nearly a dozen friends who loaned us tools, garage space, sweat equity, and/or their grown sons who were eager to work for some summer cash (all three former Boy Scouts, and friends to our boys when we lived here)
  • around $10,000
  • and I don’t even know how many hours of our own labor. A million, maybe. We didn’t take many days off.

Witness the transformation of our 1912 Craftsman-style bungalow. She’s beautiful, and awaiting new owners to enjoy not just her charms, but also the best neighborhood we’ve ever lived in — and we’re a retired military family, so there’ve been lots.

Befores are on the left; afters on the right.

She’s bigger than she looks from the street: four large bedrooms, giant eat-in kitchen, high ceilings, three full baths, 2237sf, detached garage
The cedar shingles on the west side of the house looked like nothing so much as rotting, crooked teeth. We tore them all off, primed and installed new ones (about 2,000 — all by hand, but who’s counting?), then hired a house painter to paint all four sides plus all the ivory trim.

IMG_6150 (1) IMG_6149 IMG_6149 (1) IMG_6148 IMG_6148 (1) IMG_6147 (1)

IMG_6228 (1)
Now to the back deck, where there were several rotting boards. I didn’t take truly corresponding photos, but these will give you an idea of the work we did. P.S. Prying up deck boards makes for an awesome core and upper body work-out — and I hope I never have to do it again.
Lots of geometry involved in rebuilding the steps. I’m thankful Tim and our Eagle Scout helper did the math.
And then a week later, we finally decided that leaving it with such obvious differences between new boards and old was probably not a good idea…
… so we painted it.
The carriage doors on our garage showed significant wood rot and sagging. Rebuilt them both!
The carriage doors on our garage showed significant wood rot and sagging. Rebuilt them both!
FullSizeRender 2
Inside of the garage: lots of mystery grime So we swept, vacuumed, degreased, scrubbed, primed, and painted.
FullSizeRender 5
And it made a big, big difference!
Here’s the front porch, which we’d last had refurbished in about 2008. It showed a lot of wear in the main traffic area to the front door…
… and there were a few rotting boards that needed to be replaced. It was challenging because they’re made wider now, so Tim had to custom mill them using a friend’s table saw in order to get them to fit.
Next stop: kitchen. The self-adhesive vinyl tiles we’d put down in 2009 didn’t hold up well. Many shrunk and separated at the seams, which then filled up with dirt.
The new vinyl flooring snaps together and floats over the old surface, so there shouldn’t be as many issues with expanding or contracting. Helps to have a friend in the business! He told us what we needed to purchase for our particular situation, and then sent his team to install it. Bought them lunch, paid them for their labor, done!
So of course after we put in the new floor, we realized how awful the doors and molding look. Project creep: the struggle is real.
So of course after we put in the new floor, we realized how awful the door and molding looked.
Project creep: the struggle is real.
The only worker/contractor who didn't show up was the plaster repair guy. So Tim the tool man did it himself.
The only worker/contractor who didn’t show up was the plaster repair guy. So Tim the Tool Man did it himself.
Here we go again! Second -- and final -- house is now on the market. Come onnnnnn, buyers!
Here we go again! Second — and final — house is now on the market, a mere 3 months after we closed the sale on the first one.
Come onnnnnn, buyers!

Full list of what we did:

  • Replaced cedar shingles on west side of house
  • Had shingles painted on all 4 sides, plus trim, front porch, and front door
  • Refurbished back deck, front porch, and garage doors
  • Replaced rotting framing on 3 windows and above garage doors
  • Repainted garage interior, and several ceilings inside house
  • Had kitchen flooring replaced
  • Repaired HVAC disconnect switch
  • Refreshed mulch beds on 3 sides of house
  • Repaired cracks in plaster walls in living and dining rooms
  • Fixed like a hundred other pesky small things, like busted outlet covers, cabinet door hardware, window screens, etc., etc., etc.

Sacrifices to the cause:

  • 1 canopy
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of fitness capris
  • 4 t-shirts
  • 1 hoodie

Also, a bird pooped on me on Mother’s Day, and our dog died.

I could have done with a little. less. character building.

Interested in the house? Of course you are. At the very least, we know you want to see the asking price because everybody wants to know the asking price, so visit our real estate listing here. (The virtual tour wasn’t available as of this posting, so check back again soon if you want to see photos of the interior.)

Tomorrow, we roll. First stop: Northern Virginia for a few days, to visit with Air Force, Marine, and Navy friends from prior duty stations. After that, it’s westward ho, with a stop in Chicago on Friday to pick up our younger son for the remainder of our summer travels!

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6 thoughts on “Befores and Afters: House 2 is ready to sell, and we are ready to roll!

  1. Hmmmm … Your last comment will be dinner conversation!
    How is the younger son ending up in Chicago!?

    See you tomorrow! Hugs — Safe travels as the BFT and The Toad rolls on I-95 for his/her first time!!!!

  2. The house looks great. I’m sure it was tons of work. I hope you get a good offer soon. Can I ask who you used to paint the outside? We are at the beginning of the journey – getting house #1 ready for sale in Suffolk and we are going to need a good painter.

      1. Thank you so much. Love your blog. Our daughter and family lived in Larchmont and she is a friend of a friend. She passed on the link to your blog. We are recently retired from TCC and before that from my husband’s twenty year Naval career. Finally we are ready to get rid of stuff and hit the road. Your journey is very inspiring.

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