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All work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without express consent of Emily Rohrer. 

In other words, this is my stuff — my ideas, photos and words, unless credited otherwise. If you’re going to repeat my stuff, please do so by linking directly to this blog. If you absolutely must cut and paste, ask first, and give me credit. Yes every time, with my whole name. In other words, don’t be a dick to me, or I will be a dick right back. It’s a thing. Also, if you don’t know how to link directly to a blog, just… get off the Internet. Seriously? How are you even here?

If you’re a FB friend, you will very likely see pieces here that I’ve already posted on Facebook. I’ve retrofitted this blog a bit, to include enough historical information to make it align with the time when we officially made the decision to start extracting ourselves from suburban life, and finding a way to go mobile, back in Aug/Sep 2014.

I may have fleshed out some of those posts a bit; I may have simply copied and pasted (with permission from myself of course; see above). Either way, if something reads familiar to you, do not adjust your screen. It’s just me.

Also, please bear with me while I figure out how to balance content on both blog and Facebook, so that each offers an original experience. Might be a little messy and/or disjointed and/or repetitive for a while, but I know I’ll get there.

And on that note, you won’t see links to my personal social media accounts here, as I prefer to keep those separate from this public blog. I won’t keep you from following me on Twitter or Instagram, especially if you’re smart enough to find me (big glaring hint: eclaire92), but I will not grant friend requests to strangers on Facebook. That’s a lot of years of personal stuff right there, and I prefer to keep it available only to people I know. Or at least vaguely remember from high school. You know how it is.

Update 02/09/2016: The freshly created OwnLessDoMore Facebook page is right here for ya. Tadaaaaaa! It’s also over there on the left, kind of near the top of the page (if you’re viewing on your phone, it’ll be at the bottom of the page instead). I recommend liking it, because that’s where I’ll be putting content that’s too short for blogging — quick pics from the road, as it were — and you won’t see that anywhere else!

Update 02/10/2016: And while I was at it, I set up Instagram and Twitter accounts too. Click-through icons are in the left column under the heading “Get social with me?” (again, if you’re viewing on your phone, this may appear at the bottom of the page instead). Or you can click here for Instagram, and here for Twitter.

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